Research Infrastructure

The RUB campus and university clinics host to over 50 research groups and institutes. These labs provide a wealth of expertise and research infrastructure to our initiative, including advanced imaging techniques in humans and animals at 3T and 7T, electrophysiology from single units recordings via wide-field calcium, voltage- sensitive dyes up to (intracranial) electroencephalography, brain-computer-interface studies, transcranial magnetic or direct current stimulation in humans and animals, machine learning and optogenetics associated complex animal cognition studies, cutting-edge behavioral therapy approaches, as well as a plethora of transgenic animal models that are required for memory processes and cognition.

Our new research building “THINK” (Center for Theoretical and Integrative Neuro- and Cognitive Science) will cover an area of almost 4,000 square meters. It provides state-of-the-art technologies as well as designated space and laboratories for interdisciplinary interactions. The technologies include 3T and 9.4T MRI, single-cell calcium imaging, virtual environments, EEG, and many more.


The 89€ million building was evaluated by the Science Council as the best proposal of 2019 and offers the most modern equipment and building technology research infrastructure for 100 neuroscientists. THINK is to be built by 2025 and will transform the Ruhr-Universität Bochum into an international hub for a neurocognitive research of the mind. This new center will conduct interdisciplinary research on the neuronal mechanisms of cognition, develop artificial and hybrid cognitive systems and investigate the interaction between humans and technical systems in neurorehabilitation and the future working environment.