Memories of Tomorrow

  • More than 50 labs and institutes
  • 2 Universities
  • 1 unique interdisciplinary research consortium of Neuro- and Cognitive Science

The consortium is a large scientific platform of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) and the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE), which combines our successful research traditions of neuroscience and cognition. The combination of both creates a research network, which is unique in Germany. The consortium consists of more than 50 labs and institutes from various fields such as psychology, medicine, theoretical neuroscience, philosophy, and biology. They jointly untie the seemingly inextricably intertwined mechanisms of learning, memory, cognition, and action that constantly change with every new encounter of our lives. These studies are tightly interleaved with clinical and computational scientists to harvest translational insights.


The research consortium is organized by a Steering Committee and an Early Career Researchers Board and a strong team of Principle Investigators. In addition, the consortium will be supported by an international Advisory Board.

Find out more at: THINK@Ruhr


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Memory is not an archive of the past, but a tool for predicting the future. Each unexpected experience creates a neural “prediction error” that alters the old memory trace and generates new expectations. Memory is thus constantly changing to generate ever better predictions for future cognitive challenges. But cognition is not only constituted by a predictive memory input but has also to be understood by analyzing its cellular microcircuits, its computational, ontogenetic, and humoral properties, its social embedding’s, as well as its pathological associations. This cutting-edge view of memory and cognition is drawing new questions and insights on a broad research front and enabling a variety of new translational developments. The research consortium takes these insights and bundles them into a unique collaborative research program. Find out more about our research: THINK@Ruhr